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Testimonial: Arlene

I am one of those people who will cancel a vacation rather than leave my dogs behind. (You have no idea how often I tick people off because of this. Hey -- my dogs are my babies!) So it took a family emergency to finally get me to loosen my grip on my "girls" --- Maggie and Phoebe-the-wonderpoodles.

I was first drawn to Judy by the company name -- "Pet Professionals." If my babies' lives were to depend on someone other than me, well, they had better be professionals! And Judy is. She has a wonderful soft heart for animals -- but she also really knows what she's doing. And she was wonderful about reassuring me that my girls were just fine, during each and every daily (!) phone call I made. (I was such a pest.)

And now, I can't imagine my life before Judy. She has made my life so much simpler. And my girls just adore her!

Arlene Wands