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Testimonial: Bear

My name is Bear. I am a lab, and getting along in years but I still love to go for walks! This is a picture of Jeff and me. Jeff comes and visits me every Tuesday and takes me out for a really long walk. We explore the woods and we go through the field next to my house. Jeff is wonderful. He doesn't rush me and let's me sniff everywhere! I really like it when it's pouring down rain and we both get all muddy! I get so excited when I see Jeff. I just jump all over the place and shiver all over. I am so thrilled!!!

My mom loves Tuesdays because she doesn't bother to walk me in the mornings, (particularly if it's raining) and then she doesn't feel guilty if she doesn't come home right after work. I'm usually so tired after my time with Jeff that I nap all afternoon and I don't even miss my mom and dad. My dad also really likes Tuesdays. He and my mom go out for dates Tuesday night and it's okay with me to stay home. Otherwise, I insist on going with them.

Jeff also comes and visits me when my parents decide to leave me so they can have some time alone. I don't know why they need that but sometimes they do.

Jeff then comes twice a day, and that is REALLY fun. We go for long walks, play ball and Frisbee, he feeds me and gives me lot's of treats out of his pockets! We hang around and watch TV together and have some good male bonding time. He also does boring stuff like get the mail and newspaper, which my mom and dad like.

Sometimes Judy comes with Jeff and that's really fun to have BOTH of them doting on me. Judy and Jeff have been my friends for about two years now. It was very hard on me when my two masters, Nathan an Geoff went away to college. I miss them a lot. I love my mom and dad but they are pretty old, you know. Having Jeff play with me reminds me of my times with Geoff and Nathan. Jeff wears a baseball cap, (which is cool!) and he has lot's of energy.

I really love Jeff and Judy and I know they love me.