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Testimonial: Kim

After moving to Portland 20 years ago one of the first things we did was to try to find someone to care for our cats, fish, and extensive container garden while we went out to play in the great outdoors. We spent the first 10 years trying to find someone reliable who'd take care of things the way we would if we were home (I could share horror stories but I want to be brief here!)

And then someone I work with recommended Pet Professionals, and it was like the skies opened up and the angles sang! Pet Professionals was exactly the type of business we were looking for: Professional, reliable and caring. I think my cats in particular are better cared for by Judy and crew then they are when we're home! In all the time we've used their services, we've never once found a thing to complain about, even the times we've had to come home from a trip a day or two early - completely and totally drama-free care. It's been absolutely wonderful knowing I'm leaving my pets and home in such great hands when I go backpacking, and I can't recommend Pet Professionals highly enough.

Kim Kovacs